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Embracing Now: A Reflection on Lost Time and Personal Reinvention

Making up for lost time

In the quiet moments of returning to fiction writing for the first time in 30 years, I've been contemplating the notion that we can't make up for lost time. It's a sentiment that resonates deeply, especially as I witness many of my coaching clients navigating the waters of reinventing themselves and their careers. The urge to second-guess the time spent on previous pursuits is a common thread among those seeking a fresh start.

As I immerse myself in the world of storytelling, I am increasingly aware that making up for lost time isn't the goal. Instead, the present moment holds more significance than any past regrets or missed moments and opportunities. It's a realization that extends beyond my personal journey, reaching those who, like my coaching clients, are on a path of self-discovery and reinvention.

The Myth of Catching Up with Lost Time

In the pursuit of reinvention, the pressure to catch up on what seems lost can be overwhelming. However, the truth lies in embracing the now. Going slowly, savoring each step of the journey, can be more rewarding than attempting to do all the undone things at an accelerated pace. It's not about catching up; it's about moving forward with intention and purpose.

Making up for lost time

Setting Meaningful Boundaries

For those reconnecting with relationships that may need restoration, setting meaningful boundaries becomes crucial. Instead of trying to compensate for lost time with a flurry of activities, consider the quality of the time spent. Meaningful conversations and shared experiences often outweigh the quantity of interactions.

Embracing Small Wins

In the process of reinvention, celebrate the small wins. Each step forward is a victory in itself. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, focus on the progress made and the lessons learned. Acknowledge the growth and use it as fuel for the journey ahead.

Cultivating Patience

Reinvention is a journey, not a race. Cultivate patience with yourself and the process. The temptation to rush and make up for perceived lost time can hinder progress. Allow the transformation to unfold organically, understanding that each moment contributes to the broader narrative of personal evolution.

Nurturing the Present

As I find myself engrossed in the world of fiction writing, I'm reminded that nurturing the present is where true power lies. This sentiment extends to anyone reinventing themselves. Instead of fixating on the past, channel energy into crafting the present narrative. The stories we're creating now hold the potential for a fulfilling and meaningful future.

In the realm of coaching, I encourage my clients to adopt a similar mindset. Embrace the present, savor the journey, and move forward deliberately. The essence of reinvention is not found in making up for lost time but in utilizing the present to create a more purposeful and authentic future.


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