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Tools for Leadership & Brand Shift

Whether you're embarking on a new leadership venture or seeking to refine your existing journey, these foundational tools serve as guiding beacons, helping you navigate the landscape of leadership with unwavering determination. Discover the power of these resources and unlock your potential as an unstoppable leader.


Leadership Culture Guide + Assessment

Do you have a strong leadership culture? This fast and effective guide can help you find out. In the dynamic world of business, effective leadership fuels growth.

Understand what defines a leadership culture. Explore the behaviors that demonstrate it. Take the assessment quiz to see what areas of leadership culture you excel in (and which areas need work). Then explore ways to improve areas where you or your team are underperforming

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Values Worksheet

This powerful tool designed to help leaders and executives define and articulate their fundamental principles and beliefs that guide their decisions, actions, and overall approach to leadership. These values serve as the compass that shapes one's professional journey, fostering authenticity, purpose, and alignment with both personal and organizational objectives.


Ideal Audience Worksheet

Get clear about exactly who is craving what you offer. From demographics to psychographics, this will help you hone in on exactly who you serve and how you can do it. Download this worksheet and connect to your ideal customer today!

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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Worksheet

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our comprehensive Brand Strategy Workbook. This indispensable resource is your guide to navigating the intricate landscape of brand development. Delve into the high-level assessment of positioning, SWOT analysis, and competitive assessment as you craft a brand identity that resonates. 


Action Plan Worksheet

Your plan for success doesn’t need to be complicated. This worksheet examines what you really want, and guides you to inspired action with a few simple steps.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Workbook

More than the occasional self-doubt, imposter syndrome affects us as we achieve greater and more visible success, leaving us feeling like a fraud. It's not your fault, and it can be healed. 


Intuition Workbook

Learn how to recognize, tap into on demand, and trust your inner wisdom for faster and more accurate decisions - especially in challenging situations.

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