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Our Mission



Unleash the Unstoppable Leader in You: Elevating Your Authentic Insight, Income and Impact.

Meet Stacey

Stacey Ruth founded Unstoppable Leader with a clear-cut mission: to empower executives and entrepreneurs who are on the front lines, fighting so their businesses thrive. Her own experience helped her recognize the leadership gap that often leaves organizations stumbling when they are starting, growing rapidly, or pivoting. And she saw the opportunity to step in and make a real impact for others.

Her purpose is grounded in practicality: helping these leaders discover their own inner wisdom and insight that ensures sustainable success. With an acute awareness of the importance of curiosity, creativity, and boldness in personal branding, leadership, and thought leadership, Stacey's coaching and consulting offer tangible tools for navigating the often volatile business landscape.

Stacey understands that in the rapidly changing business climate today, adaptability and effective leadership are paramount. Unstoppable Leader stands as her commitment to shaping a different narrative. Small businesses hold immense potential to drive our economy, and she's determined to give them the tools they need to carve their path forward. Through coaching, consulting, and an unwavering belief in the spirit of entrepreneurship, Stacey is championing their vital journey of growth.


Our Values

Cave Explorer

Curiosity propels us forward. It is the driving force that compels us to explore the uncharted territories of innovation, constantly seeking fresh insights and novel solutions. In an ever-evolving landscape, we nurture curiosity to uncover untapped potential, enabling leaders to see beyond the surface and amplify their thought leadership. We encourage curiosity as the key to discovering one's authentic brand, opening doors to greater impact and resonance.

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Creativity is the heartbeat of effective leadership. It's the art of transforming ideas into strategies that resonate and inspire. Through coaching and consulting, we guide individuals to infuse creativity into their approaches, crafting memorable narratives that elevate their personal and business brands. Creativity empowers thought leaders to break through barriers and communicate with authenticity, fostering connections that leave lasting impressions in the minds of their audience.


Insight serves as the beacon guiding us through the intricate landscape of our changing industries. It's the light that illuminates the path to clarity and informed decision-making. We empower individuals to access their unique insights, transforming them into drivers of change and growth. Through coaching and consulting, we harness the power of insight to help leaders unravel challenges and seize opportunities.

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Boldness is the cornerstone of the entrepreneurial mindset. It's the audacity to challenge conventions and embrace change. We embolden leaders to step out of their comfort zones, sharing their unique perspectives and ideas. Boldness sets us apart, making leaders memorable in a crowded world, reshaping industries, and inspiring others to join and engage in their vision.


What They Are Saying About Us

S. Spicer

Stacey Ruth is the real deal and the best coach I have ever worked with. She has transformed my business and my life. If you are considering hiring a coach, she’s THE ONE.

Ty Andrews_SLCA__063013_0055.jpg

T. Andrews

Stacey helped me get clear about what it is I really love and want to do in my work. Now I understand who I serve best and how to charge what I am worth.

Smiling Businesswoman

K. Dunston

Stacey has an incredible foundation in attraction-based living. She is a generous, insightful and powerful leader who knows what it takes to inspire and motivate people to take effective action.

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