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Leadership Workshops


Workshops for Individuals, Teams & Organizations


These workshops enable leaders and teams to generate profound results. Leadership can be established throughout an entire team, department, or organization:

  • Communicate and execute with greater clarity and accountability

  • Achieve strategic objectives — faster

  • Accelerate and sustain higher performance

  • Create a more engaged and productive culture

  • Maintain a healthier work-life balance


You might be surprised to learn that your mindset — as well as the language you use — profoundly impacts your day-to-day performance, energy and outcomes. Our workshops can help you:

  • Recognize the blind spots that sabotage your success

  • Manage your stress

  • Stop feeling stuck

  • Conquer feelings of overwhelm

  • Achieve your greatest goals



LEADERSHIP Shouldn't Be Hard.

The immersive Unstoppable Leadership™ workshop programs offered by Stacey Ruth uncover ways in which you, your team or your organization may be limiting your success — and, more importantly, what you can do to grow more effectively and sustainably.

By combining proven methodologies with leading edge behavioral insights and targeted strategies, our workshops will help you create real, meaningful change immediately.

Workshops are held live virtually on demand. Spaces tend to fill quickly, so contact us to inquire about reserving your spot now. Please note: We can also bring workshops onsite for teams and organizations.

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Unstoppable Goals to Unleash Your Vision

Is your organization experiencing challenges in aligning your team's efforts towards a common strategy? Do you find it challenging to set, measure, and adapt your goals effectively? This on-demand workshop is tailored to address these crucial needs. Discover the power of cultivating a shared strategy and plan among your team members, ensuring everyone works cohesively toward a unified vision. Learn the art of setting actionable goals, measuring progress, and adapting them as circumstances evolve. This workshop equips leaders with the skills required to steer their teams towards remarkable achievements, helping your organization overcome obstacles and reach new heights.


  1. Foster a Shared Vision: By the end of the workshop, participants will learn how to effectively articulate and communicate a shared vision within their team, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

  2. Master Actionable Goal-Setting: Attendees will acquire the skills and techniques necessary to set clear, actionable goals that align with the shared vision, ensuring that their teams are focused on achieving measurable and impactful results.

  3. Enhance Leadership Abilities: Participants will leave the workshop with practical leadership strategies and tools that will empower them to lead their teams confidently towards remarkable achievements, creating a lasting positive impact within their organizations.

Decision Mastery

Is your organization frequently caught in decision deadlocks, hindering progress and innovation? Do you struggle with fostering collaboration and problem-solving among your team members? Are second-guessing and self-doubt common hurdles you face? These challenges can impede leadership and organizational growth.  'Decision Mastery' is designed to provide tangible solutions.


Discover how to break free from decision deadlocks, empowering your team to make confident and efficient choices. Learn to cultivate collaboration and problem-solving skills that lead to smoother decision-making processes. This workshop equips leaders with the tools to overcome self-doubt and second-guessing, ensuring your decisions are more robust and aligned with your organization's goals.


  1. Master Rational and Intuitive Decision-Making: Participants will learn to balance rational analysis with intuitive insights, enabling them to make more confident and well-rounded decisions.

  2. Efficient Problem Solving: Attendees will acquire problem-solving techniques that enhance their ability to identify, analyze, and address complex challenges efficiently.

  3. Inclusive Decision-Making: The workshop will provide strategies for involving team members effectively in the decision-making process, fostering collaboration and leveraging collective wisdom to drive better outcomes.

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Unstoppable Innovation Fusion

Is your organization struggling to foster a culture of collaboration and innovative thinking? Do you find it challenging to facilitate brainstorming sessions that lead to the solutions to put your organization ahead of the curve? Gain the skills to cultivate a collaborative growth-centric mindset within your organization, drawing inspiration from the innovation techniques used by creative agencies. Master the art of facilitating brainstorming sessions that unlock innovative ideas and actionable solutions.


  1. Cultivate the Growth Mindset: Participants will learn strategies to foster a culture of creative collaboration within their organization, promoting open communication and the free flow of innovative ideas.

  2. Master Innovative Brainstorming: It's not rocket science. Attendees can readily acquire the skills and techniques needed to facilitate brainstorming sessions that yield innovative and actionable solutions, driving organizational progress through original thinking.

  3. Inspire Ideas Daily: Empower your participants to lead with a willingness and enthusiasm for challenging groupthink, and taking reasonable risks to foster growth within their teams, harnessing the creative potential of their colleagues to solve complex challenges and achieve remarkable results.

Leading Transformation

The only constant is change, as they say. Is your organization currently grappling with the complexities of mergers, or downsizing, pivoting , or the transition of a key stakeholder's exit? Are you an individual business owner seeking to thrive in a competitive landscape? Now you and/or your team can develop the critical leadership skills necessary to navigate through times of transformation and uncertainty.

Learn to view these changes as opportunities for growth and even improvement. Master communication techniques to keep your team informed and engaged during turbulent transitions. Equip yourself and your team with the tools needed to not only survive but thrive amidst dynamic and transformative environments.


  1. Transformational Leadership: Participants will acquire the skills and strategies essential for effective leadership through the most stressful environments, with empathy and vulnerability that maintains team cohesion, enabling you to steer your organizations toward success.

  2. Adaptive and Resiliency Techniques: Attendees will explore key approaches to adapt with a deep sense of empowerment to changing circumstances, viewing them as opportunities for growth and innovation, and apply these principles to their specific challenges.

  3. Cultivating Individual Agency: Empower business owners and organizational leaders to cultivate a sense of agency among all team members, enabling them to feel empowered and confident in responding effectively and proactively to changing circumstances. This inclusive approach fosters organizational agility that is vital for navigating change effectively.

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