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Twenty Affirmations for Transformation

Are your negative internal dialogues keeping you from doing things you want to do? Do you sometimes feel you are not enough, or are not up to achieving your goals? Positive affirmations are regularly used as a solution for these thoughts. However, they get mixed reviews.

How Affirmations Work

Many of us swear by their power, while others feel foolish or are turned off by how unrealistic the statements seem initially. Affirmations are short, positive statements that interrupt our negative thoughts and replace them with a fresh idea. Negative self-talk can be a roadblock to doing your best, pursuing your dreams, and enjoying life. On the other hand, positive self-talk can spur you on to do great things and live an exciting life full of passion!

The principle behind affirmations is their effectiveness in retraining our brains, which neuroscience has now proven is quite doable. They break down limiting beliefs we have acquired throughout our life, and replace the old belief with a new, powerful, positive alternative. So, while affirmations might seem improbable or foolish at first, regular repetition can create a noticeable shift in our thoughts over a very short time. When that shift happens, it alters how we view our life and the choices we make as a result.

Negative Affirmations You Might Already Be Using

Here are a few common negative affirmations and limiting beliefs many of us are constantly repeating to ourselves without recognizing what we are doing:

  1. I have to work hard to get ahead

  2. I don’t have the skills to be successful

  3. I just don’t get the opportunities others do

  4. No one listens to me

  5. I’ll never find love

  6. There are no good options

The challenge with unconscious affirmations like those above, or other similar ones you might be using, is we are almost unaware we are thinking them. As a result, they run our lives. When negative thoughts have been choosing for us, rather than us choosing our own thoughts ourselves, a new idea can seem so preposterous, we strongly resist it.

How to Use Affirmations Effectively

Below are my all-time favorite affirmations, covering a variety of common limiting beliefs. I am sharing them with you, and if they resonate with a particular situation you are experiencing, write them down, and place them where you will see the affirmation regularly. Repeat the affirmation any time the situation or thought crosses your mind, so you are infusing your neural pathways with a new idea at least as often as the old idea. It is a good practice to speak the affirmation aloud, especially in the evening before bed, and first thing in the morning. These are the times your subconscious mind is most open to suggestion, and can receive the greatest benefit.

Affirmations For Transforming Negativity into Positivity:

  1. I am a child of God, and a person of worth, who deserves to be happy, joyous and free.

  2. Even though (situation you are experiencing, eg: I am lonely or work is exhausting) I love and approve of myself completely.

  3. I listen to my body. It knows what it needs.

  4. I am confident in who I am and my abilities.

  5. I am open to guidance, and am constantly receiving good, orderly direction.

  6. I trust in my inner desires.

  7. I am loved. I am strong. I am enough.

  8. Life is happening for me – not to me.

  9. I am worthy of love, and I am loving.

  10. I matter. I am here to do great things.

  11. I am open to positive opportunities and surprises today.

  12. I am at peace and trust the process happening in my life.

  13. I radiate love and kindness, and that is reflected back to me.

  14. I am happy and I inspire others to be as well.

  15. I communicate clearly what I need to others.

  16. Success and abundance comes naturally to me.

  17. I am fully present and confident in my future.

  18. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.

  19. I am aware of my emotions and can let them go without getting attached to them.

  20. Every part of me vibrates with energy and health.

I hope you enjoy trying these affirmations, and will let me know which ones work for you. These are just some of the ideas you will find in my new book, Own Your Own Shift: The Passion, Power & Freedom to Be Unstoppable, coming out soon!

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