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How to Be Unstoppable

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

How can we become unstoppable as we pursue our goals, objectives and our dreams and our passions? Too often we hit an obstacle and we stop. The secret to obtaining what we want most is to understand what it means to be truly unstoppable. 

Why does being unstoppable inspire so many of us and create such feeling of emotion?

And, of course, how can we create an unstoppable mindset for ourselves?

What Does It Mean To Be Unstoppable?

Let’s start with unstoppable. What does it mean to you? 

I have heard it means drive, passion, persistence, integrity, commitment…

I have also heard it equated to devotion, loyalty and purpose.

So, I cheat a little bit – unstoppable is not equivalent to just one word. It is a beautiful combination of things.

I define unstoppable this way:


It has direction. And it has momentum.

But unstoppable has two other things as well. When there are obstacles and challenges – and there are always obstacles and challenges – UNSTOPPABLE has intelligence and curiosity.

So, this means UNSTOPPABLE is not a brute force that insists on having its way. It is adaptable, dynamic and flexible like the force of water – a river, a tide, or a wave. It flows and shifts as needed but it also holds fast to its original – intentional – course.

How does that resonate with you?

You aren’t unstoppable because you won’t let anything stop you.

But because there’s nothing that can stop you.

Is that because you are stronger?


It’s because you are more resilient, and adaptable, fluid and inventive.

You barely even feel an obstacle’s presence.

So, if you can imagine yourself having the fluid, dynamic power of water at your disposal, you are ready to think about your direction. Remember, Unstoppable has momentum, and it has direction.

Now, how do you connect to your direction? This brings us to the next part of unstoppability.

Why is being unstoppable so important to us?

We have a basic need to grow in the direction of our dreams and our vision.

Now, you know too many of us – not you, of course – but out there – aren’t entirely sure what dreams and vision are pulling them forward. I can help with that.

But each of us has a desire to grow our influence and our impact on the world. We may have stuffed it out of a belief it isn’t doable or realistic, but we have it.

Here’s what following our vision and dreams might get us:

  1. More fulfillment

  2. More income

  3. Connecting with people we can really help

  4. Offering up our unique gifts and talents

  5. Better relationships

  6. Adventure

  7. Security

  8. Creativity

  9. Wonder

  10. Joy

That’s some good stuff. And that’s why we get all excited about the idea of being unstoppable, because these things I just listed are on the other side of our unstoppable efforts. That’s the direction you are headed. Maybe you will be a speaker – give a TED talk.

Maybe you will write a book – or write 20.

Maybe you will start you own business and inspire millions.

Maybe you will start a movement or a foundation.

Maybe you will invent something that changes the world for good.

That’s why unstoppable matters because these things don’t just fall in our lap, no matter what you might have heard.

They “fall in our lap” after we put ourselves, our mindset and our energy in alignment with the person who has those things already. Say you want to be a TED speaker. What would a TED speaker do?

She most likely would study other speakers, hang out at TED events, devote herself to creating the brilliant content. And she will start asking for her shot. She’ll ask because she knows she has done the work and she is as good – or better – than anyone else out there.

That’s momentum. It’s direction. And if someone tells her no, she taps into her intelligence and curiosity; adapting and pivoting to try the next opportunity.

How to we become unstoppable?

Well,  that’s the trick. There are a lot of things we think and do on a daily basis that sap our unstoppable energy. Being UNSTOPPABLE is a process and a practice. Some days you will be the river, and other days you are going to feel a little bit more like a dry creek bed.  That’s why we build communities like Unstoppable Leader. It’s why we get coaches like myself. We need support and community to accelerate our unstoppability.

Here are the components of being unstoppable. Look and see which ones you feel confident in and which ones are your next frontier to explore:

  1. You know who you are – you have a clear purpose and values – and you are doing this for you

  2. You know what you stand for – and what your non-negotiables are

  3. You know what you want – and it may change over time, but for now, you are very clear on your priorities

  4. You are grateful for what you have and you celebrate it – this keeps your optimism and self-worth high

  5. You have cleaned up any areas of fear, shame, blame, guilt and doubt – this is huge work, and worth ever second of old belief clearing

  6. You have a plan of action – and it includes rest and regeneration

  7. You have deep patience and enjoy the process since each goal just leads to the next one

  8. You are not afraid to ask for help

  9. You are inspired by the opportunity to be of service to others

Although becoming unstoppable begins with who you are want what you want, it always ends with making an impact that is part of our connection to one another.

Which of these feel like a good area to work on for you right now?  

  1. Are you clear on your purpose and values?

  2. What are your non-negotiables.

  3. Are your priorities clear, or are you easily distracted?

  4. Do you celebrate and express gratitude even when things aren’t necessarily going your way?

  5. Are there limiting beliefs still holding you back?

  6. Have you made a plan for how you will get from here to there?

  7. Are you comfortable with unstoppable being a process instead of an achievement?

  8. Do you ask for help?

  9. And how will you serve the world and make your impact?

Think about these beautiful actions that can really transform you no matter what you dream of achieving.

Thank you for the willingness to explore your own unstoppable nature. I am excited to be here with you. You inspire me. And you are unstoppable.

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