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Goals & Strategy Master Class

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Goals are what move you, your team and your business forward. Unfortunately, only 80% of small businesses have actively set goals and strategies, and even more unfortunately, over 80% of small businesses fail in the first two years. Setting goals is the single best gift you can give yourself, your career as a leader, and your business right now. This course is right for you if: - You are a new leader or taking on a new role - You feel stuck or unfulfilled where you are - You are ready to grow faster, pivot, or up-level your career or business - You, or your team, procrastinate or lack motivation - You are unclear on what you want next - Your growth is a bit haphazard or unpredictable This course is designed to help you (and your team) create meaningful goals you can reach in record time. It ensures you will be able to: - Discover the deeper why behind your goals to stay motivated - Mind Map your goals whenever you need to - Identify your core values that align with your goals - Set the right priorities and manage them - Uncover any hidden beliefs that block achieving your goals - Build sustainable habits & accountability - Navigate when you are off-track so you can adapt accordingly - Create your strategy and plan with a reusable template

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Stacey has been named one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs under 50 in Atlanta, as well as twice one of the Top "It" Agencies in the country. She founded two multimillion-dollar agencies and now advises other leaders how to grow their influence and impact using their personal brand.

"We were able to scale our business beyond what we thought possible using the business strategy and roadmap Stacey helped us develop. It was remarkable!"

~ Christina M., Owner


"Stacey has helped us grow 50 percent each year and attract clients like UPS, Wellstar Health System, and AARP. Because of her, we show up more confidently and in alignment with our mission. We know the world needs to hear our message and we are so grateful to Stacey for helping us tell it."

Gabrielle C., Partner/Founder


"Stacey helped me get clear about what it is I really love and want to do in my work. Now I understand who I serve best and how to charge what I am worth."

Ty A., Solopreneur



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