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Branding Mastery Mini-Course

Do I Need This?

Marketing and branding can be very expensive to outsource and most business start-ups don't have the budget. This is a big problem, because branding is essential to business success. That's why I've designed this class to fit a small business' budget, and delivers the key content you need right now. -- FAQs Q: How is this course different from other personal branding classes and books? A: There are certain basics of personal branding that almost all classes cover, including this one. These include determining your personal values and your brand's style, for example. However, this class contains tools, assessments, practice exercises and personal brand development guidance you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Q: What if I don't see results? A: If you follow this roadmap and do the exercises, you are going to see real, measurable results in 4-8 weeks. Of course, if you work slower, or life intervenes, you may find it takes longer. Q: What if I find a particular section challenging and need more personalized guidance? A: There is a place in each module to ask questions. I will respond to within 24 hours. Additionally, I invite your to join the Unstoppable U Private Facebook Group where you can get more immediate feedback from your peers as well as myself.

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Stacey has been named one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs under 50 in Atlanta, as well as twice one of the Top "It" Agencies in the country. She founded two multimillion-dollar agencies and now advises other leaders how to grow their influence and impact using their personal brand.

"We were able to scale our business beyond what we thought possible using the business strategy and roadmap Stacey helped us develop. It was remarkable!"

~ Christina M., Owner


"Stacey has helped us grow 50 percent each year and attract clients like UPS, Wellstar Health System, and AARP. Because of her, we show up more confidently and in alignment with our mission. We know the world needs to hear our message and we are so grateful to Stacey for helping us tell it."

Gabrielle C., Partner/Founder


"Stacey helped me get clear about what it is I really love and want to do in my work. Now I understand who I serve best and how to charge what I am worth."

Ty A., Solopreneur



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