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Working Together

Your Goals & Strategy


Work 1:1 with Stacey Ruth,
Founder & CEO of Unstoppable Leader

Join one of the Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Atlanta, founder of Top 100 "It" agencies in the country, and Executive Leadership Coach, as you set yourself up for breakthrough success in 2024!

Contact us with the subject line "VIP Day" and let's discuss if this is the right opportunity to move you forward - fast!

In your Goals & Strategy VIP Day
we will cover:

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Confident Businesswoman

As our business was rapidly growing, we knew we needed support to build a workable plan and process to manage it all. Stacey's Strategy Sessions helped us realize our strengths and then see a clear path to leverage them. We set targets in the session, and in half the time we have exceeded those goals! 

— Christine B., Owner

Digital Reading

As a business strategist and coach myself, I really appreciate a fresh perspective on my business. Stacey helped me focus on the goals I really wanted to achieve, break through some old beliefs about what would work, and build a motivating path to move forward.

— Lorri P. CEO

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What's Included

✅ Your Personalized Workbook and Roadmap

✅ Mindmapping Session for Creative Goal Exploration

✅ Vision-Casting Session to Define Your Aspirations

✅ Traditional Business Strategy Exercises, including:

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Marketing Strategy

  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

✅ Hacks for Maintaining Motivation and Momentum

✅ Key Measurements to Keep You on Track

✅ Delicious Meals to Fuel Your Productivity

✅ Take Away: Your Customized Action Plan for Success

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