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You Are

It's time to grow your personal brand, attract the right clients and opportunities, and grow your business, career and impact in an easier, more direct and targeted way.

This Master Class is filled with clear, practical insights and exercises to get your brand on track in just a few days, not months.

In the Unstoppable Personal Brand we will cover:

  1. What a personal brand is

  2. Your brand persona

  3. Who needs a personal brand and why

  4. How to create yours simply and easily

  5. Establishing your core values

  6. Crafting your brand vision

  7. Defining what you want to be known for

  8. Who your brand appeals to

  9. How to build a consistent message

  10. Finding your authenticity

  11. Establishing your style

  12. The do's and don't's of content

  13. Key ways to build your brand presence online and off that work, and won't destroy your productivity

About Your Instructor

Stacey Ruth is unstoppable. She founded two multimillion-dollar agencies, has been among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs Under 50 in Atlanta, and twice awarded Top 100 “It” Agencies by Experiential Marketer. She is a licensed Metaphysical Minister and a certified executive leadership coach, as well as certified in both neuroscience and positive psychology. She has been the Marketing Chair for Meeting Professionals International, the National Speakers Association and the National Women Business Owners Association in Georgia. She has helped scores of businesses and leaders grow their brands. Now let her help you build yours.

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