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Become UNStoppable.

Own Your Own Shift and Inside Out Smart are both available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle now.

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The inner wisdom we each have access to is a wellspring of creativity, insight, meaning, and outrageous impact we can create for ourselves.

Our success and happiness are largely determined by the decisions we make. We all believe that to be true at some level, or our decisions wouldn’t matter much to us. We simply wouldn’t feel the need to decide, because what difference would it make? In fact, much of our happiness is riding on our decisions. Not only that, our level of stress is largely determined by how we make our decisions.

Our intuitive and rational approaches both play an enormous role in that crucial decision process. Author Stacey Ruth explores both ancient practices and recent neuroscience findings to use our whole mind the way it was designed to be used – holistically. Instead of pitting rational against intuitive thinking, left against right brain, IQ against EQ, or conscious against unconscious, she shows how they work best when they all work together.

Cohesive thinking makes the decisions that transform us enormously easier. There are obstacles within ourselves to uncover, and at times we tend to resist. Yet on the other side is tremendous—perhaps unlimited—freedom, power, and passion to be unleashed. It’s worth the effort.

Inside Out Smart explores how anyone can make more fulfilling, faster and more accurate decisions using our full thinking capabilities—most especially our elusive intuitive ability.




If there was ever a time to create shift in your life – this is it! It’s time to stop struggling and step into your real power. If you are exhausted try to force change, and feeling stuck and frustrated, you are not alone.

If you have been searching for just the right insight, trick or program to help you make your shift – from a better body to a better relationship or career – then you are in the right place. Your answers are already within you, and Own Your Own Shift will help you unleash them.

12 STAGES OF Shift

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